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Auto Correct Fun

Auto Correct Joke

Super funny site - Damn You Auto Correct!. Must see :D Lot of unintended jokes caused by iPhone's auto correct function. That's why I turned the damn feature off on my phone. It corrects my typos sometimes, but other times it is replacing perfectly good words with its own. It is nice when it correct mistakes. But it is infuriating when it repeatedly mess up my writing!!!

That's why I'm cynical to technology like Swype Keyboard. It is supposed to be great new technology that replace typing by magically recognizing fast finger movement. The videos shows that even imprecise, approximate movement will turned into good word. To me it looks like the same auto correct behind the scene. Their demo video shows you the successful cases so that it can wow you. But the real test is the negative cases. Even if it is correct most of the time, those cases when it mess up will screw you.

So no thanks, I want my physical keyboard. And sadly I haven't have a good one since the first generation Sidekick.

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