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On my Facebook profile I have put in a lot of fictitious info. I didn't do it out of malice. Rather just because I want to. I have yet to follow through with my ambition to add a lot of fake Facebook friends, although I am lot more liberal in setting my domicile. Since I can put anything I like, so why not?

Previously I said I lived in Astana, Kazakhstan. I find this is very effective in getting me location relevant advertisements. I am currently residing in Longyearbyen. If you have not heard of it, Longyearbyen is the northernmost settlement in the world, way out there in the Svalbard archipelago in the arctic. Lately it is getting a quite a number of tourists though. I think it is time for me to move. Where should I go next? I'm thinking about Cairo. Or Montevideo? Or ...?

Below is my original bio and picture, dating back to 2003 when this site was started. It has been a while so I thought of adding some new stuff above to freshen it up.

I am Wai Yip Tung, a software developer base in San Francisco. Recently I am involved in creating VoIP applications and working with the standard body W3C to define the VoiceXML standard. To find out more about my professional experience please check out my resume.

Contact me by email at . Click this link to add my contact to your Address Book.

Map of places I have visited