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Top language in Google Code Jam

Google Code Jam 2003 is a programming contest open to people around the world. Participants has a limited time to solve problems using one of these programming languages, C++, Java, C# or VB.NET. Correct solutions submitted soonest get the highest score.

From now to October 17 is a practice period. Several hundred participants have already tried to solve the sample problems. I collected some interesting statistics from the practice arena. Java was the top language choice used by almost half of the entries. Others chose C++ and C#. A few used VB.

C++ 26%
C# 20%
VB 6%

However, the number for the top 20 scorers is quite different.

C++ 60%
C# 20%
VB 0%

C++ programmers dominated the top 20. Java programmers shown disappointed result, while C# programmers got a fair share of top scorers.

Some of the best C++ solutions are great example of generic programming. STL is also lot more powerful than Java's collection utilities. While STL and template can be dauntingly complex, the C++ wizards show that they can be very productive tools.

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