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Who Will Replace Boris Johnson

After several rounds of voting, Rishi Sunak took the lead among three remaining candidates. The new Conservative party leader will replace Boris Johnson as the new British prime minister.

BBC - Who will replace Boris Johnson?

I do not know Rishi Sunak. What stands out is he is of South Asian origin. Besides Sunak, there were two more minority contenders, Suella Braverman and Nadhim Zahawi, are of minority origin. They were voted out. But that made the original panel of contenders rather diverse. The current London mayor Sadiq Khan is a South Asian. Sunak could surpass him to become the first South Asian to lead the entire country. Would people have foresee 2022 is the year for UK to select a non-white leader?



Round Midnight

I have finally watched Bertrand Tavernier's Round Midnight (1986), a story of a talented American Jazz musician Dale Turner, who went to Paris of the 50s to find a new lease of life. I actually have the movie soundtrack for a long time. Herbie Hancock’s composition is one of my most favorite Jazz albums. For some reason I have never watched the movie until now. This turned out to be a really beautiful and moving film, despite the difficult circumstances.

round midnight

I was taken by the scene where Dale’s and his mistress Darcey shared the stage together. Dale was a gifted but washed up musician, until Darcey showed up in Paris unannounced. She, the woman who believes in him with no reservation, drew him back to life. They were intimate on the stage. Affectionate glances were exchanged as if they were the only people in the world. This is the scene where Lonette McKee performed the soulful song 'How Long Has this Been Going On?'



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