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Long Now Member

I have been meaning to do it for a while. Now I finally become a paid member of Long Now.




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BBC News


Israel intensifies attacks in Gaza as conflict enters fifth day (14 May 2021)


UK concern at rapid growth of Indian variant (14 May 2021)


Friends reunion premiere date and celebrity guests announced (13 May 2021)


Prince Harry: I want to break cycle of pain for my children (14 May 2021)


Reminders on rise as WhatsApp update deadline looms (13 May 2021)


Covid: Biden hails 'great day' as he sheds mask in Oval Office (13 May 2021)


Republican accused of verbal assault in Congress (13 May 2021)


Herd of 18 Indian elephants die when forest struck by lightning (13 May 2021)


IBM says chip shortage could last two years (13 May 2021)


Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman actress receives backlash over Middle East tweet (13 May 2021)

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SF Gate


13 Best Background Check Sites & Services: Search Criminal Records and Social Media Accounts Online (14 Apr 2021)


It pays to search for top-quality auto shop (6 Feb 2021)


Fired Boeing CEO is now working with Bay Area tractor startup (14 Dec 2020)


PG&E bills to rise over per year on average to fund wildfire risk reduction (5 Dec 2020)


Nasdaq seeks more diversity on boards of companies listed on exchange (2 Dec 2020)


Elizabeth Holmes Prosecutors Say Texts Show Theranos Beset With Problems (24 Nov 2020)

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