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Learning Journal - Personal Fable

This is my new experiment. I'm taking short note on things I've learned. The first entry is personal fable.

Personal fable - a term coined by David Elkind (1967) that is used in psychology to describe a form of egocentrism normally exhibited during early adolescence, and it is characterized by an over-differentiating of one's experiences and feelings from others to the point of assuming those experiences are unique from those of others. A person might believe that they are the only one who can experience whatever feelings of joy, horror, misery, or confusion they might encounter.

2012.03.24 [] - comments


Census of Children Population in San Francisco (2nd trial)

I just realize the chart I have made for on the census data of San Francisco's children was done badly. Here is my second trial. I thing this should be more clear. The key take away is San Francisco lost a big percentage of children in the 0-5 group after 5 years, but not so much on the older age group.

census children population

census children population percentage

2012.03.09 [] - comments


Fanny and Alexander

This is a continuation of the my 7 great movie series that I thought I will do in a week. It really takes much longer. But as least the movies are good. And I think that's what really matters!

Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander is saga of a rich family the Ekdahls. I am particular impressed by the confrontation scene between Alexander and the Bishop. The Bishop, whom Alexander never have much affection with, becomes his step father when he marries his widowed mother. Alexander has mischievously made up a rumor about the Bishop mistreating his former wife. His maid informed the Bishop, which leads to the inquisition scene. Being a man of honor the Bishop clearly consider this a serious defamation. Alexander flat out deny he has made such accusation. The denial has took the Bishop by surprise. How dare would Alexander lie in front of everyone? So the Bishop escalates the pressure, making Alexander swear with his hand on the bible and explain that any further lying will be considered perjury, a very serious crime. In every step Alexander just dig himself deeper into a hole. This leads to his final breakdown and the severe punishment.

The power of this scene is that we can follow each character's mind and see how end step lead to this explosive end. The Bishop is no ordinarily villain. In fact he is completely right. It maybe somewhat harsh to apply his institutional power on a kid. But we also see how Alexander's willfulness provoke him. The Bishop told him he consider himself wise and fair, why does Alexander hate him? Again he is right, it is fair to say he is wise and fair even if he is also cold and dull. It is a thought provoking exercise to try to make sense of the conflict. How someone seemingly making every right step will come out so wrong.

2012.03.08 [] - comments


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