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Book Reading Statistics

The Kindler e-reader I got one year ago has sparked a major book reading drive for me. At the end of 2011, I have completed 35 books in a span of 15 months. The full list of book is compiled in the entries of Apr, Aug, Nov, Dec.

Even though the drive is triggered by Kindle, I am far from abandoning paper book for ebook. 17 out of the 35 books I've read are physical books. I have done a lot to clean out the piles book I've purchased but never read. But this is offset by the new paper books I've purchased recently. This drive has also gives me a lot of confidence to tackle long and classical books. It has instilled a discipline in me to follow through a long book to completion. I plan to read Les Misérables and 紅樓夢 in the coming months.

Here is a little tally. There are 8 technical (computer science) book, 5 fictions, 5 business and economics books, 4 popular science, 2 academics and 11 are uncategorized.

I am still stuck with a number of academic books. They can not be read at a fast pace like fictions. There are mathematics to digest, and in other cases, paper or programming exercise to do to really understanding the subject. I queue them up one by one and hopefully can see some result in next year.

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