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Bringing Tatchee to My Office

Monday is Tatchee's preschool's day off. I brought him to my office for a few hours so that I can work there. I brought the Totoro DVD to entertain him. And I also brought along some toy cars. One of them is his favorite police. I was worrying about its siren and the sound it can make. I warned Tatchee not to make noise it in the office. Once he was there he understood that noise is not appropriate and voluntary put this car away. Finally, I bring him along to an hour long meeting. He played quietly in the meeting room the whole time. People are fairly impressed by him. I'm happy that the day turned out quite well and he wasn't too bored.

Later I talked to my neighbor about this. She told me when she was very little her mom brought her to her office one time. To this day she still have a vivid memory of that trip, like the typewriter that impressed her. I'm writing this down so that I can chat with him when he gets older to see if he remember this day :)

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