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Movie Review - The Bridge

The Bridge (2006)
Director: Eric Steel

The Bridge is a controversial documentary about the people committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The first thing I notice about the film is that it is so beautiful. Even though Golden Gate Bridge has been photographed countless times, it never appears as attractive as in this film. The architecture, the geometry, the nature environment, the beautiful dance of light and fog. People walking on beaches, surfing, or sightseeing on gorgeously sunny days. It is just perfect. Perhaps just a perfect place to end it all?

The subject of this film is its dark side. People was seen jumping off the bridge in this film. When the friends and families of the victims are interviewed, you realized there was a tormented person behind each incident. Whether it is mental illness, financial or relationship issue or any combination of above, life has became unbearable for them. Yet it was never an end it all action. Their death often leave the friends and families agonizing over the whole matter.

The film is controversial because it has witnessed the entire action on film. It brings us down a slippery slope of voyeurism. I think this can be in part justified by forcing people to come face to face with it. I have lived in San Francisco for 8 years. The Golden Gate Bridge suicides only come across to me as some sort legend. When you visit the bridge, it is so beautiful you never believe someone will actually do it. Maybe we have some incidences in the past but not today? But no, it is real. It happens regularly, in broad daylight in front of many tourists. You will also see there are real people behind who are suffering from it.

This really leads to the perpetual discussion of building taller fences on the bridge as a suicide barrier. I am convinced that it will be effective. And that we have a moral obligation to do so.

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