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Microsoft tries to recruit ESR

Microsoft tries to recruit Eric Raymond? No, just an embarrassing mistake their recruiters made. it seems tech recruiting work like this. Go down a list of names that the recruiter has peripheral knowledge at best. Send him a spamesque email like "Hi X, we would like to speak to you about a job opening we have, ... If you know of any other qualified person, please pass this message to them." One score when the recipient replies.

Well one of these Microsoft recruiting email inadvertently goes to Eric Raymond, the most public, most outspoken sworn enemy of Microsoft. So he posted this email to the public for a good laugh. It would be more funny he went on to arrange an interview or even got an job offer from some clueless manager :)

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Dreaming A New New Orleans, Version 1

"So, the worst has happened. The city has, in functional terms, been destroyed. Fatalism has had its ultimate day.

From here forward, New Orleans can choose its own fate." - Dreaming A New New Orleans, Version 1, Alan AtKisson

Alan AtKisson is a consultant who has been working on an renewal initiative for New Orleans for some time. In response to the catastrophic flooding he has posted an article of a vision to rebuild New Orleans. While his article is very insightful, I find his statement above particularly quotable. It is at the same time tragic and cathartic.




Talking about flooding, I come to realize it may be a most destructive kind of nature hazard. The New Orleans flood destroyed much of the city in one shot. It is estimated the fatality may result in an astonishing 10,000. We fear the powerful earthquake, the violent tornado, uncontrollable wild fire, or explosive volcanic eruption. But despite its destructiveness, we don't seems to have as much awareness to flooding as to other form of natural hazard.

I theorize that flooding has a different character. It is usually non-violent (barred flash flood or torrents). Indeed a flooded town is often serene. The destruction is often silent.



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