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Review - 20-30-40

My favorite actress director Sylvia Chang's new film "20 30 40" is a story about 3 women. Xiao Jie (Angelica Lee) of 20 ran off to Taipei by herself to pursuit her dream career in entertainment. Xiang Xiang (Rene Liu) is an air stewardess having affair with several lovers. Sylvia herself plays the 40 something Lily, who found herself divorced one day but were starting to find a new life. Together they echoed her previous film, the endearing "Tempting Heart", which traversed the life of a woman from teenager to into middle age.

Like "Tempting Heart", the portrait of the youth is the most beautiful and romantic. Xiao Jie came to the big city fresh and innocent. She quickly found a girlfriend who helped her to navigate the new world. The singing career did not go where she wanted. But even when it has came to part, it was no doubt she has lived.

The story of Xiang Xiang was lot less glamourous. Despite dancing around multiple lovers, she life is marked by emptiness. Nice apartment, full wardrobe and all alone. Young no more, she only hope that one day she would find the right one.

Lily's story deliver lots of comic moments. Rather than feeling old and bitter for the divorce, she has gone back to the dating scene and was having much fun. Dancing, drinking, sports, you are just never too old to enjoy life if you stay positive.

There are also some excellent male roles. Anthony Wong plays Shi Ge, a rocker/manager who has tried hard but are mostly a failure. Richie Ren plays tennis coach, whose energy prove to be too much for a middle-aged woman.

In face of life's many unfulfilled longings, the movie has maintained an upbeat attitude.

(Taiwan, 2004)

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