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Cool tiny PCs

Yesterday I have discussed about small, low power computers. While I was researching on the technology I found a number of cool tiny PCs in the market. Although I do not opt for them due to their premium prices, they deserve a honorable mention here.

Before I start, note that I have excluded the popular mini-"cube" PC such as Shuttle XPC. These cube are intend to squeeze the latest greatest hardware into a small box. Instead the focus is on low powered and even smaller PCs.

One of the pioneer of tiny PCs, Cappuccino PC is unbelievably small (157x146x46 mm). There is a series of design using mainly Celeron and Pentium processors. It is a complete system including I/O ports, CD-ROM and hard disk. The PC itself is only about the size of a CD-ROM.

OEM from Taiwan manufacturer Saint Song.

Nimble V5 is positioned as a video conference system, complete with built-in speakerphone. It is tiny, measuring only 2" x 7.7" x 7.7" (in). It consumes 12W and runs nearly silent.

A new entry NorhTec MicroServer HP is a book size box measures only 5.25 x 6.75 x 2.15 inches. It consumes 12.5 Watts with solid state drive and 15 Watts with hard disk. It uses a fan-less VIA processors.

The product that excites me most is the hoojum cubit3. With an anodized aluminum case in various colors, its design is even cooler than a Mac. A great computer to match your modernist home or office. The dimensions is at 147mm(H) x 210mm(W) x 210mm(D),

I find them perfect as Linux based server or intelligent appliances, although their primary market still seems to be as Windows desktop.

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